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In 1636 Thomas Hobbes published his topographical and satirical poem The Wonders of the Peak. This popular verse described visiting some of Derbyshire’s geological wonders, including limestone caverns and natural wells. Hobbes’ poem publicised this landscape and by the eighteenth century, these sites were teeming with visitors.

Descriptions and engravings of the sites were published in magazines and they attracted artists including Joseph Farrington, Philip James De Loutherbourg and William Gilpin.

This talk explores how these geological ‘wonders’ were represented on both paper and canvas in the eighteenth-century.  It draws on many unpublished travel journals, examining how the visitors engaged with the geological landscape.  These often sensationalised descriptions, written by both men and women contain tales of perilous adventure, eerie visions into other worlds and the stirrings of modern geology.  

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Event speaker: 
Anna Rhodes, Collections Officer at Buxton Museum & Art Gallery
Milstein Seminar Rooms
Thursday, 25 January, 2018
Booking required