DataTrain Project

The DataTrain project aim was to build on findings and tools developed in the Incremental project (JISC 07/09 funding strand) by developing disciplinary focussed data management training modules for post-graduate courses in Archaeology and Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge.

To this end, the project team developed training modules for each of the two departments. These materials were piloted as part of the departments’ postgraduate training provision in Spring of 2011. The Archaeology modules were taught as 4 x 2 hour training sessions, and took place during March 2011. A course summary and post-graduate data management plan templates can be downloaded from the project documents page. In Social Anthropology the course took place on the 5th of May 2011 in the form of a day workshop.

To extend its impact, the project also produced shareable versions of the training resources. The Social Anthropology resources are made available through the University of Cambridge’s Research Data Management support web site, and the Archaeology materials are hosted by the Archaeology Data Service (ADS).

Social Anthropology:

Content produced by the DataTrain project is released under Creative Commons licence BY-NC-SA. (Please note that we also link to external resources on these websites, which may be subject to other licences).

The resources will be maintained by the DSpace@Cambridge team in collaboration with the ADS. We want to monitor the up-take and re-use of the DataTrain material, if you make use of any of the modules or if you have any queries or comments regarding the materials, please contact the DSpace@Cambridge team: