PrePARe Project

Following the findings and recommendations from the Survey report the PrePARe project produced the outputs listed below.

The resources developed through the PrePARe project have been integrated into the DSpace@Cambridge repository guidance and training provision. The DSpace@Cambridge will take responsibility for the maintenance of the materials. Those outputs created in collaboration with other JISC projects will be maintained and developed by all three institutions individually.

Members of the research, preservation, data management, computing technology, and library communities who are interested in PrePARe’s work, or who have questions about the materials can contact the DSpace@Cambridge team on email We welcome feedback and recommendations for future development.

All resources are also available from the DSpace@Cambridge Data Management webpages and from Jorum.

Training Resources


Brochure jointly developed by the DICE, SHARD and PrePARe projects, and designed and printed at LSE.

FAQs jointly developed by the DICE, SHARD and PrePARe projects.

Cross-disciplinary seminar