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Classmark: RCS Y30771B/3
Originator: Unknown
Title: Grenada Cocao [i.e. Cacao] Estate
Description: A view looking across hilly wooded countryside with plantation buildings in the foreground.
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Classmark: RCS Y30771B/4
Originator: Unknown
Title: Grenada. Cocao [i.e. Cacao] pickers and collectors
Description: A group portrait of plantation workers with women at the front holding baskets. Behind them stand the male pickers who hold long poles, at the end of which are mitten-shaped knives...
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Classmark: RCS Y30771B/5
Originator: Unknown
Title: Grenada. Packing Cocao [i.e. Cacao] for fermentation
Description: Showing two workers loading baskets of beans into wooden 'sweating boxes' where they ferment in a mixture of their own enzymes and wild yeast from two to nine days before being sun-dried.
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