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Link to larger image of RCS Y3011R/26
Classmark: RCS Y3011R/26
Originator: Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Central Office of Information
Title: Barrister E.C. Quist O.B.E. becomes First African President of the Gold Coast [i.e. Ghana] Legislative Council
Description: View looking down on the Council Chamber...
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Link to larger image of RCS Y3011U/139
Classmark: RCS Y3011U/139
Originator: Unknown
Title: The Konor with his only son
Description: Head and shoulders portrait of the Konor holding his son in his arms.
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Link to larger image of RCS Y30446F/5
Classmark: RCS Y30446F/5
Originator: Alldridge, Thomas Joshua, 1847-1916
Title: Group of Imperri Chiefs photographed at Bambaia, Imperri, Sherbro, 4 and a half months before the native rising of 1898
Description: Showing a large group of chiefs and villagers at Bambaia, about 25 miles by water from Bonthe...
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Link to larger image of RCS Y30448U/11
Classmark: RCS Y30448U/11
Originator: Soldier on the Kumasi Ashanti Expedition
Title: Gold Coast Chief (Amoah) and his people
Description: A posed view showing a group of approximately forty-five people, mainly men but with a few women and children...
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Link to larger image of RCS Y3045T/14
Classmark: RCS Y3045T/14
Originator: Hattersley, Charles William, 1866-1934
Title: 'The Infant King Daudi being held up by his mother
Description: The photograph is annotated: 'Yuseia [?] the King's cousin is dressed in white and is sitting by him...'
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Link to larger image of RCS Y3052L/48
Classmark: RCS Y3052L/48
Originator: Bathurst, Charles, 1867-1958, 1st Viscount Bledisloe
Title: Chiefs from the Yao and Angoni Tribes at Jeanes Training Centre, Domesi, near Zomba, Nyasaland [i.e. Malawi]. 23 June
Description: The Rhodesia-Nyasaland Royal Commission arrived at Bulawayo...
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