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Link to larger image of RCS Marnham I/23
Classmark: RCS Marnham I/23
Originator: Marnham, John Ewart, 1916-1985
Title: Tungi's offshore island
Description: Showing a woman standing ankle-deep in the sea. In her right hand she is carrying a plate-like object...
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Link to larger image of RCS Y3086K/33
Classmark: RCS Y3086K/33
Originator: Gullick, W A, fl 1908, government printer
Title: Typical Farmer's Home, Nth Coast District, N.S.W [i.e. New South Wales]
Description: A view of an extremely tidy small farmhouse...
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Link to larger image of RCS Y308A/78
Classmark: RCS Y308A/78
Originator: Caire, Nicholas John, 1837-1918, photographer
Title: A prospector's hut, Gippland [i.e. Gippsland]
Description: A good view of outback life, showing a bearded prospector sitting outside his rough wooden cabin, with a cat on his lap...
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Link to larger image of RCS Y309993C/8
Classmark: RCS Y309993C/8
Originator: Smithson, John Snowden, fl 1903
Title: [Samoan chief's house]
Description: Showing the chief's house with two men and three children in the foreground...
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Link to larger image of RCS Y309A/25
Classmark: RCS Y309A/25
Originator: Unknown
Title: Round houses of natives at Timotu, Santa Cruz (mentioned by the Spaniards in the 16th century)
Description: A view showing the round palm-thatched houses...
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