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Identifier: RCSPC-Y30446F-005
Creator: Alldridge, Thomas Joshua, 1847-1916
Title: Group of Imperri Chiefs photographed at Bambaia, Imperri, Sherbro, 4 and a half months before the native rising of 1898
Description: 156 x 109 mm. Showing a large group of chiefs and villagers at Bambaia, about 25 miles by water from Bonthe (see following two prints). Identified beneath the print are the Sokong, the Prime Minister and 'a principal Kruba' (military leader) with the following remark: 'all of whom were tried for murder and hanged at Bonthe, Sherbro, 7th November 1898'. Governor Cardew's decision to levy the Hut tax in 1898 led to a confrontation between Protectorate forces and the men of Chief Bureh of Kasse which spread to neighbouring areas, culminating in a general rising on April 27. Alldridge himself (who steadfastly maintained that the reasons for the war were the power of secret societies allied to a desire to continue the trade in slaves) took part in several punitive expeditions during the campaign, on one of which he destroyed the town of Bambaia (July 26 1898) after finding it deserted while looking for the chiefs photographed here. 96 participants in the rising were later hanged. Photograph taken in the 1890s.
Date created from: 1890
Date created to: 1899
Coverage spatial: Southern Province (Africa, Sierra Leone)
Source: RCS Y30446F/5
Is part of: RCS Photograph Collection, Y30446F.
DCMIType: Image
Medium: image/jpeg
Extent: 86KB
Dimension X: 595
Dimension Y: 413
Dimension units: Pixels
Resolution: 72 dpi
Bit depth: 24 bit
Colour space: Adobe RGB 1998
Compression type: JPEG
Compression ratio: Quality 9
Camera body: Mamiya RB
Camera back: Leaf Valeo 11 Digital
Lighting: 1000w Bowens Flash Heads
Lens: Mamiya 50mm f/4.5 Wide Angle Lens
ISO: 25
Aperture: F/16
ShutterSpeed: 1/125
Digitised by: SM. Photography Department. Cambridge University Library.
Publisher: Royal Commonwealth Society Library. Cambridge University Library. University of Cambridge.
Rights: Copyright Cambridge University Library.
Date Digitised: 2003-12-18