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<meta name="DC.title" content="View down Longs Hill, St John's">
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<meta name="DC.description" content="On the left hand side are the Methodist College and home for boarders.  The former was pulled down in 1984/85, the latter much earlier.  The spire behind is that of the Presbyterian Church, and the scaffolded building in the centre is the new Gower Street Methodist (now United) Church.  The Anglican Cathedral is behind it.  The ships in harbour could belong to the North Atlantic Squadron.  In the background on the left is Signal Hill and the Cabot Tower: on the right are the South Side Hills, sealing and similar premises on the South Side, by the Harbour.  In the centre background are the Narrows.  An interesting item is the square of trees to the centre right of the road, planted to act as a fire break in the event of any future fires - an official order after the 1892 fire that destroyed much of St John's.  Photograph taken at the turn of the century.">
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<meta name="DC.contributor" content="Bell, James, fl 1902-12, clergyman">
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