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<meta name="DC.title" content="[First part of:] Sydney Harbour, New South Wales">
<meta name="DC.creator" content="? Bayliss, Charles, 1850-1897, photographer">
<meta name="DC.description" content="First part of a panoramic view of Sydney harbour, composed of five joined prints.  The photograph is taken from the North Shore near Kiribilli.  Government House, Fort Macquarie and the Circular Quay are near the centre of the picture on the far shore, with the view extending out towards the harbour mouth on the east side, and up the Parramatta River on the west.  Photograph taken circa 1885.">
<meta name="DC.publisher" content="Royal Commonwealth Society Library.  Cambridge University Library.  University of Cambridge.">
<meta name="DC.contributor" content="Elsy, R, fl 1880-1889">
<meta name="DC.date" scheme="DCTERMS.W3CDRF" content="2004-07-07">
<meta name="DC.type" scheme="DCTERMS.DCMIType" content="Image">
<meta name="DCTERMS.extent" content="1 image file, 177 KB, 72 dpi, 24 bit, 800 x 521 Pixels, JPEG, Quality 10. Captured on: Camera Body - Mamiya RB, Camera Back - Leaf Valeo 11 Digital.  With: Lighting - 1000w Bowens Flash Heads, Lens - Mamiya 50mm f/4.5 Wide Angle Lens, ISO - 25, Aperture - F/16, Shutter-Speed - 1/125">
<meta name="DCTERMS.medium" scheme="DCTERMS.IMT" content="image/jpeg">
<meta name="DC.Identifier" content="RCSPC-Y3089C-001A">
<meta name="DC.Source" content="RCS Y3089C/1A">
<meta name="DCTERMS.isPartOf" content="RCS Photograph Collection, Y3089C; RCSPC-Y3089C-001.">
<meta name="DCTERMS.spatial" scheme="DCTERMS.TGN" content="Sydney (Oceania, Australia, New South Wales)">
<meta name="DCTERMS.temporal" scheme="DCTERMS.DCMIPeriod" content="start=1885; end=1885; scheme=DCTERMS.W3CDTF">
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