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<meta name="DC.title" content="Feather money, brought to Forrest's house at Nelua.  Price of girl bought as teacher's wife">
<meta name="DC.creator" content="Unknown">
<meta name="DC.description" content="204 x 151 mm.  A view showing Mr. A.E.C. Forrest, a European lay worker, standing among locals who carry large coils of feather money.  Montgomery wrote: 'These bush people...are also, I believe, the weavers of the only money currently in Santa Cruz - the famous 'feather money' made in coils, with a groundwork of some fibre, and clothed with a covering of red feathers taken from the breast of a little bird.  Nowhere else is this money known; and most strange fact of all, I am assured by Mr. Forrest that this money has only come into existence during the last thirty years (Montgomery, H.H (1896), 'The light of Melanesia'.  London: SPCK, p.126).  The photograph is also used as an illustration in Montgomery's 'The light of Melanesia'.  Possible photographers include: Montgomery, Henry Hutchinson, 1847-1932, Bishop of Tasmania;  Brittain, Arthur, fl 1892, clergyman;  Welchman, Henry, fl 1890-1899, clergyman.">
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<meta name="DCTERMS.extent" content="1 image file, 209KB, 72 dpi, 24 bit, 800 x 595 Pixels, JPEG, Quality 9. Captured on: Camera Body - Mamiya RB, Camera Back - Leaf Valeo 11 Digital.  With: Lighting - 1000w Bowens Flash Heads, Lens - Mamiya 50mm f/4.5 Wide Angle Lens, ISO - 25, Aperture - F/16, Shutter-Speed - 1/125">
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<meta name="DCTERMS.spatial" scheme="DCTERMS.TGN" content="Melanesia (Oceania)">
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