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The RCS Photograph Project team have done their utmost to ensure that we have not infringed anyone's copyright by publishing images on this web site. We fully support the understanding enshrined in copyright law that the creators of imaginative works have a right to be identified as such and to benefit from all commercial use of their works; and we further understand that those rights are extended for a period to their families and estates.

However, we cannot absolutely guarantee that we have not unwittingly and despite our best endeavours infringed someone's copyright. In the event that such an infringement is brought to our notice, we will:

  • remove the image or images from the RCS Project web site within 3 days of notification

  • meet with the claimant to discuss the origin and extent of any infringement and ensure that it will not recur

  • provide a clear and verifiable account of any revenue derived from the images since the launch of the web site

  • restore the images to the web site only after receiving written permission to do so from anyone with a valid claim to be the copyright owner

We further welcome any information that might help us make proper attributions, identify copyright owners, or correct copyright acknowledgements as the origins of our collections are sometimes obscure.

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