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West Indies (archipelago)

Adams, Cyril T, fl 1902-1914
Adhar, George, fl 1889-1926, photographer
Adolphe Duperly and Sons
Anderson, Tempest, 1846-1913
Anjo, Josť, d 1950, photographer
Armbrister, Frederick S, fl 1905-1929, photographer
Battershill, Sir, William Denis, 1896-1959, Knight, colonial administrator
Bell, Sir, Henry Hesketh Joudou, 1864-1952, Knight
Brennan, J W C, fl 1895-1916, photographer
Christy, Cuthbert, 1863-1932, doctor
Clemens, Lewis W, fl 1900-1909
Coonley, Jacob Frank, 1832-1915, photographer
J W Cleary and E W Elliott
Jacobson, S E, fl 1899-1914, photographer
Kerr, Albert M, fl 1906-1940, photographer
Marnham, John Ewart, 1916-1985
Morin, Felix, fl 1869-1896, photographer
Norton Brothers
Pinard, George E, fl 1900-1909, photographer
Roberts, William, fl 1965, photographer
Scott, S C, fl 1900
Sellier, L F, fl 1881-1922, photographer
Sinclair, - , fl 1900, doctor
Sully, Victor, fl 1901, photographer
Tench, Mary F A, fl 1910-29
Whiteman, William Henry, fl 1897-1922, photographer
Wilson, J C, fl 1890-1919, photographer
Young Brothers

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