Photographers Index

Australia (nation)

Adelaide Photographic Company
Allen Family
Ballard, H B, fl 1886, photographer
Bardwell, - , fl 1860-1879, photographer
Batchelder, Perez Mann, fl 1850-1879, photographer
Bayliss, Charles, 1850-1897, photographer
Beattie and Sanderson
Beattie, John, Watt, 1859-1930, photographer
Becher, S J, fl 1896-1897, inspector of mines
Blatchford, T, fl 1897-1899, geologist
Botterill, J, fl 1860-1879, photographer
Boyd, Thomas H, d 1883, photographer
Bray, James E, fl 1865-1891, photographer
Caire, Nicholas John, 1837-1918, photographer
Campbell, W D, fl 1898-1909, geologist
Chuck, Thomas Foster, d 1898, photographer
Clifford, Samuel, fl 1850-1878, photographer
Creelman and Co
Duryea, Townsend, 1823-1888, photographer
Duryea, Townsend, 1854-1925, photographer
Fisher, Alfred Hugh, 1867-1945
Foelsche, Paul Heinrich Matthias, 1831-1914
Foster and Martin
Gibson, C G, fl 1900-1910, geologist
Greehams Studio
Greenham and Evans
Hall, Robert, d 1866, photographer
Hodson, Sir, Arnold Wienholt, 1881-1944, Knight, Colonial Governor, Explorer
Irwin, R H, fl 1896-1908, draughtsman
Jackson, C F V, fl 1903-1904, geologist
John Roarty and Son
John Watson and Co
Johnstone, O'Shannessy and Co
Kerry, Charles H, 1858-1928, photographer
King, Henry, 1873-1900, photographer
Kock, E, De, fl 1884-1885, photographer
Latimer, William T B, fl 1884-1900, photographer
Lee, W, fl 1913, photographer
Lindt, John William, 1845-1926, photographer
Lomer, Albert, fl 1862-1900, photographer
Maitland, A G, fl 1900, geologist
Marnham, John Ewart, 1916-1985
Moore, C H, fl 1868-1875, photographer
Nettleton, Charles, 1832-1902, photographer
Newman, John Hubert, fl 1862-1900, photographer
Nixon and Manning
Norrie and Sutcliffe
Patterson and Co
Peabody, - , fl 1909, photographer
Pedersen, W, fl 1968, photographer
Purdie, A, fl 1900
Rodgers, Philip S, fl 1889-1892, photographer
Ruth Hollick Studio
Sears Studio
Simpson, E S, fl 1897-1922, mineralogist
Simpson, W W, fl 1900
Solomon, S, fl 1900-1909, photographer
Solomon, Saul, fl 1857-1891, photographer
Spike and Kerton
Stevens, Henry T, fl 1886-1894, photographer
Stewart and Co
Sweet, Samuel White, 1825-1886, photographer
Talbot, H W B, fl 1902-1920, geologist
Talma and Co
Tricket, O, fl 1900-1909, photographer
Urry, Arthur E, fl 1890-1903, photographer
William H Hammer and Co
William Nutting Tuttle and Co
Woodward, H P, fl 1887-1917, geologist
Woolley, Charles A, 1834-1922, photographer
Wright, George Parkinson, fl 1874-1883, photographer

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