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Africa (continent)

A C Gomes and Sons
Adenaike Brothers
Alldridge, Thomas Joshua, 1847-1916
Arnoux, Hippolyte, fl 1870-1879, photographer
Baretti, - , fl 1916
Barlatt, Hughes and Sons
Barnard, Samuel Baylis, 1841-1916, photographer
Barnett, - , fl 1900, photographer
Battershill, Sir, William Denis, 1896-1959, Knight, colonial administrator
Beale, E, fl 1930-1939, colonial administrator
Bedford, Francis, 1816-1894, photographer
Bell, Sir, Henry Hesketh Joudou, 1864-1952, Knight
Biddulph, W H, fl 1900-1909, photographer
Binks, H K, fl 1900-1939, photographer
Bonfils, Paul Felix, 1831-1885, photographer
Booth, R W, fl 1910
Brody, J W, fl 1928
Brown, E, fl 1905-1910, assistant manager
Bruton, James Edward, 1838-1918, photographer
Buckeridge, H Nugent, fl 1914-1940, photographer
Busk, Charles James, fl 1857-1879, merchant
Butler, E O, fl 1910, clerk and Assistant Resident Magistrate
Cape Government Railways
Charnay, Claude-Joseph-Désiré, 1828-1915, photographer, archaeologist and writer
Christy, Cuthbert, 1863-1932, doctor
Clark, Percy M, fl 1920-1929, photographer
Cleland, John R, fl 1900-1910
Cooper, Neil, fl 1980-2005, photographer
Costa, George S A, Da, b 1853, photographer
Crosby, Oscar Terry, 1861-1947, traveller and writer
Dalrymple, Thomas Hardie, b 1900, doctor
Dewe, M I, fl 1905-1910
Doggett, - , fl 1900-1909
Duffus Bros
Dugmore, A, fl 1870-1900, photographer
Dumas, Trancrede, fl 1870-1879, photographer
Eriksson, - , fl 1905
Fiorillo, F, fl 1900, photographer
Fiorillo, L, fl 1870-1889, photographer
Fisher, Alfred Hugh, 1867-1945
Foran, William Robert, 1882-1966, pioneer and author
Forbes, Robert, fl 1872-1874, photographer
Forde, C Darryl, 1902-1973
Fox and Son
Freeman, H S, fl 1925, photographer
Fripp, H E, fl 1888-1897, photographer
Frith, Francis, 1822-1898, photographer
Fry, William Ellerton, 1846-1930
G Lekegian and Co
Gamble, David Percy, b 1920, scholar on the Gambia
Gedge, Ernest, 1862-1935, colonial administrator
George, D S, fl 1900, photographer
Georgiladakis, - , fl 1880-1889, photographer
Green, Arthur, 1832-1873, photographer
Green, Edward Scott Waring, fl 1911, sub-inspector of Police
Gregson, Francis, fl 1898, war correspondent
Gros, H Ferdinand, fl 1860-1909, photographer
Hall, Alfred, fl 1906, clergyman
Hamid and Sons
Hammond, Jan, fl 1980-2005, photographer
Harris, Robert, fl 1880-1894, photographer
Harrold, John, fl 1867-1898, Sergeant
Hattersley, Charles William, 1866-1934, missionary
Hawes, Albert George Sidney, d 1897, Agent and Consul General in the Sandwich Islands and Dependencies
Hebbert, Henry Eric, 1893-1980, Colonel
Hepburn and Jeanes
Hermann, W, fl 1840-1898, photographer
Hodson, Sir, Arnold Wienholt, 1881-1944, Knight, Colonial Governor, Explorer
Hogg, John Roberts, 1838-1908, Colonel
Holm, J A C, b 1888, photographer
Holm, N Walwin, b 1865, photographer
Honarath and Augustinho
J W Paris and Co
Kimble, Charles F, fl 1950, photographer
Kirkman, Joseph, fl 1859-1879, photographer
Kisch, Braham, d 1887, photographer
Lawrence and Selkirk
Lazarus Brothers
Lee, Thomas, fl 1893-1899, photographer
Leomy, Z Dioysius, fl 1890-1905, photographer
Lisk-Carew Brothers
Lobo, Alfred, fl 1904-1939, photographer
Lutterodt, F R C, b 1871, photographer
Mann, Arthur R H, fl 1935, traveller
Manners, C, fl 1905, photographer
Mansfield, F T, fl 1921, geologist
Marnham, John Ewart, 1916-1985
Marques, A, fl 1900-1909, photographer
Massey, Yale, fl 1910, doctor see Massey, Yale, fl 1910, doctor
McLeish, Donald, fl 1920-1929, photographer
Meissner, - , fl 1870-1879, photographer
Melvill, Edward H V, fl 1879-1899, government surveyor
Middlebrook, John E, fl 1892-1899, photographer
Morhig, G N, fl 1910-1939, photographer
Moseley, G B, fl 1910, Sub-Inspector of Police
Nicol, W M, fl 1912-1928, photographer
Palfreman, L, fl 1905-1910, Assistant Conservator of Forests
Pedrotti, L, fl 1902, photographer
Pereira, Fransisco Eugenie Ade, fl 1930-1939
Perestrello, Jordao da Lux, fl 1900-1909, photographer
Perrin, Jules, fl 1888-1894, photographer
Pritchard, Stanley Archibald Markham, b 1874, Colonel
R Williams and Co see Massey, Yale, fl 1910, doctor
Ravenscroft, Thomas Daniel, 1851-1948, photographer
Reid, C A, fl 1914
Robinson, E Rokeby, fl 1902, Captain
Roemele, H J, fl 1925, photographer
Rowland, John William, 1852-1925, surgeon
Rudland, Henry, fl 1910-1915
Schroeder and Co
Scott, P G, fl 1905
Sherwood, W B, fl 1890-1899, photographer
Shoyer Bros
Skulina, S, fl 1950-1959, photographer
Smith, R Graves, fl 1916
Spooner, T J, b 1862, engineer
Thomson, A P, fl 1921
Townsend, F, fl 1859, photographer
Trousdell, William Hugh Cornwallis, 1879-1915
Turner and Killick
Turton, W S, fl 1891-1894
Walsh, F, fl 1909
Watson and Robertson
York, Frederick Arlington Viner, 1823-1903, photographer
Young, William D, fl 1890-1920, photographer
Zangaki, - , fl 1880-1899, photographer

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