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South America (continent)

Anderson, J R, fl 1876-1879, photographer
Boote, Samuel, fl 1880-1889, photographer
Burke and Gomez
Christy, Cuthbert, 1863-1932, doctor
Cooper, Neil, fl 1980-2005, photographer
Ferrez, Marc, 1843-1923, photographer
Hammond, Jan, fl 1980-2005, photographer
Hodson, Sir, Arnold Wienholt, 1881-1944, Knight, Colonial Governor, Explorer
Kerr, Albert M, fl 1906-1940, photographer
Lindner, J F, fl 1912-1922, photographer
Marnham, John Ewart, 1916-1985
Melville, John, fl 1872, photographer
Mendonca, J, fl 1902-1906, photographer
Norton Brothers
Pairaudeau, G L, fl 1872-1883, photographer
Rosa, J F S, fl 1894, photographer
Siza, Julio Augusto, fl 1880-1917, photographer
Taylor, A Sylvester, fl 1850-1889, photographer
Tench, Mary F A, fl 1910-29
Thurn, Sir, Everard Ferdinand, Im, 1852-1932, Knight, Governor of Fiji

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