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United Kingdom (nation)

Barraud, Herbert Rose, 1845-1896, photographer
Bassano, Alexander, 1829-1913, photographer
Beau, Adolphe, fl 1864-1898, photographer
Bedford, Francis, 1816-1894, photographer
Bell, Sir, Henry Hesketh Joudou, 1864-1952, Knight
Bolt, Anne, fl 1960-1969, photographer
Boning and Small
Bourne, Samuel, 1834-1912, photographer
Brown, Barnes and Bell
Buckingham, W, fl 1936, photographer
Burnham, F C, fl 1880-1889, photographer
Christy, Cuthbert, 1863-1932, doctor
Church, E T, fl 1870-1879, photographer
Dacre, J R K, fl 1915, Royal Engineer and photographer
Davies, R E, fl 1950-1959, photographer
Dover Street Studios
Downer, Frederick, fl 1880-1889, photographer
Edwards, John, fl 1882-1898, photographer
Elliott and Fry
Elwell, Francis Richard, fl 1875-1893, photographer
Fergus, John, fl 1880-1889, photographer
Fisher, Alfred Hugh, 1867-1945
Fradelle and Young
Fradelle, Albert Eugene, d 1884, photographer
Frith, Francis, 1822-1898, photographer
Hodson, Sir, Arnold Wienholt, 1881-1944, Knight, Colonial Governor, Explorer
Hogg, John Roberts, 1838-1908, Colonel
Hoppé, Emil Otto, 1878-1972, photographer and writer
Horsburgh, John, fl 1863-1899, photographer and painter
Hull, Henry Edmonds, fl 1898-1908, photographer
Jacolette, Martin, fl 1891-1908, photographer
James Russell and Sons
Johnson, Robert, fl 1900-1908, photographer
Kyles and Moir
Lavender, E Davey, fl 1880-1889, photographer
Lombardi and Co
London Stereoscopic Company
Marnham, John Ewart, 1916-1985
Maull and Fox
Mayall, - , fl 1850-1900, photographer
McLeish, Donald, fl 1920-1929, photographer
Melhuish, Arthur James, fl 1860-1896, photographer
Mendelssohn, Hayman Selig, b c 1849, photographer
Palmer, Fred T, fl 1890-1899, photographer
Patrick, J, fl 1890-1899, photographer
Reston, Arthur, fl 1883, photographer
Robert Boning and Co
Romney Studios
Silvy, Camille, fl 1857-1869, photographer
Swaine, F A, fl 1919-1938, photographer
Thomas, J W, fl 1910, photographer
Thomson, John, 1837-1921, photographer
Vandyk, Carl, fl 1882-1908, photographer
W and D Downey
W J Byrne and Co
Walery Limited
Ward, Rowland, fl 1930-1939, photographer
Webster Brothers
Weiss, William, d 1925, photographer
Weston, J, fl 1913, photographer
Window and Grove
Wrightson, Hay, fl 1920-1929, photographer
York, Frederick Arlington Viner, 1823-1903, photographer

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