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Aba (inhabited place)
Abai (state)
Abeokuta (inhabited place)
Abu Sunbul (ruins)
Abyssinia see Abyssinia
Accra (inhabited place)
Adelaide (inhabited place)
Afghanistan (nation)
Africa (continent)
Agra (inhabited place)
Ahmadabad (inhabited place)
Ajanta (inhabited place)
Ajmer (inhabited place)
Akwa-Ibom (state)
Al-Iskandariyah (governorate)
Alabama (state)
Alberta (province)
Alexandria (inhabited place)
Aliwal North (inhabited place)
Allahabad (inhabited place)
Almora (inhabited place)
Amherst (inhabited place)
Amritsar (inhabited place)
Anambra (state)
Andaman and Nicobar (union territory)
Andaman Islands (island group)
Andhra Pradesh (state)
Antarctica (continent)
Antigua (island)
Antigua and Barbuda (nation)
Anuradhapura (inhabited place)
Apia (inhabited place)
Arabian Peninsula (region (general))
Arctic Ocean (ocean)
area disputed by India and Pakistan (disputed territory)
Argentina (nation)
Asaba (inhabited place)
Ash-Shamaliyah (region)
Ash-Shariqyah (region)
Ashanti (region)
Asia (continent)
Assam (state)
Aswan (governorate)
Aswan (inhabited place)
Atbara (inhabited place)
Atbara (river)
Auckland (inhabited place)
Auckland (region)
Australia (nation)
Axim (inhabited place)

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