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Naini Tal (inhabited place)
Nairobi (inhabited place)
Nairobi Area (special area)
Nakuru (inhabited place)
Namibia (nation)
Nassau (inhabited place)
Nebraska (state)
Negeri Sembilan (state)
Nepal (nation)
Netherlands East Indies see Netherlands East Indies
New Amsterdam (inhabited place)
New Brunswick (province)
New Caledonia (dependent state)
New Guinea (island)
New Hebrides see New Hebrides
New Providence (island)
New South Wales (state)
New York (county)
New York (inhabited place)
New York (state)
New Zealand (nation)
Newcastle upon Tyne (district (urban))
Newcastle upon Tyne (inhabited place)
Newfoundland (island)
Newfoundland (province)
Nicosia (district (national))
Nicosia (inhabited place)
Niger (river)
Nigeria (nation)
Nile (province)
Nile River (river)
Ningbo (inhabited place)
North Africa (region (general))
North and Central America (continent)
North Ayrshire (unitary authority)
North Central Province (province)
North Island (island)
North Korea (nation)
North Somerset (unitary authority)
North-West, Province of (province)
Northern (province)
Northern (region)
Northern Cape, Province of (province)
Northern Cape, Province of (province)
Northern Cyprus (occupied territory)
Northern Ireland (country)
Northern Rhodesia see Northern Rhodesia
Northern Territory (territory)
Northumberland (county)
Northumbria (historic region)
Northwest Frontier (province)
Norway (nation)
Nottingham (inhabited place)
Nottingham (inhabited place)
Nottingham (unitary authority)
Nottingham (unitary authority)
Nouméa (inhabited place)
Nouvelle-Calédonie (island)
Nova Scotia (province)
Nuwara Eliya (inhabited place)
Nyanza (province)
Nyasa, Lake (lake)
Nyasaland see Nyasaland

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