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Pacific Ocean (ocean)
Pakistan (nation)
Palenque (deserted settlement)
Palestine (historic region)
Palestinian State (autonomous area)
Palitana (inhabited place)
Palmas, Las (province)
Papua New Guinea (nation)
Paris (inhabited place)
Pegu (inhabited place)
Pembroke (parish (political))
Penang see Penang
Penang Island see Penang Island
Pennsylvania (state)
People's Republic of the Congo see People's Republic of the Congo
Perak (state)
Perth (inhabited place)
Peshawar (inhabited place)
Philadelphia (county)
Philadelphia (inhabited place)
Philae (deserted settlement)
Pietermaritzburg (inhabited place)
Pilgrim's Rest (inhabited place)
Pinang (island)
Pinang (state)
Pins, Ile des (island)
Plateau (state)
Polonnaruwa (inhabited place)
Pomeroon-Supenaam (region)
Port Darwin see Port Darwin
Port Dickson (inhabited place)
Port Elizabeth (inhabited place)
Port Louis (inhabited place)
Port of Spain (inhabited place)
Portsmouth (unitary authority)
Portugal (nation)
Portuguese East Africa see Portuguese East Africa
Potchefstroom (inhabited place)
Prague (inhabited place)
Pretoria (inhabited place)
Prince Edward Island (province)
Provence (historic region)
Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (region)
Pune (inhabited place)
Punjab (province)
Punjab (state)
Pyramids of Giza (ruins)

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