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Sackville (inhabited place)
Sagaing (division (national))
Sagar (inhabited place)
Saint Christopher and Nevis see Saint Christopher and Nevis
Saint David (parish (political))
Saint George (county)
Saint George (parish (political))
Saint Helena (dependent state)
Saint James (parish (political))
Saint John's (inhabited place)
Saint Johns (inhabited place)
Saint Kilda (inhabited place)
Saint Kitts and Nevis (nation)
Saint Lawrence (river)
Saint Lucia (nation)
Saint Michael (parish (political))
Saint Thomas (parish (political))
Saint Vincent (island)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (nation)
Salsette Island (island)
Salt Lake (county)
Salt Lake City (inhabited place)
Samoa (nation)
Samoa Islands (island group)
San Fernando (inhabited place)
San Francisco (county)
San Francisco (inhabited place)
Sanchi (inhabited place)
Sandhurst see Sandhurst
Santa Cruz de Tenerife (inhabited place)
Santa Cruz de Tenerife (province)
Sapele (inhabited place)
Sarawak (state)
Saskatchewan (province)
Savanna-la-Mar (inhabited place)
Saxony (state)
Scotland (country)
Sekondi-Takoradi (inhabited place)
Selangor (state)
Senegal (nation)
Sevastopol' (inhabited place)
Shandong (province)
Shanghai (inhabited place)
Shanghai Shi (municipality)
Shaykh, Jabal ash- (mountain)
Shendi (inhabited place)
Shwebo (inhabited place)
Sierra Leone (nation)
Sigiriya (inhabited place)
Simla (inhabited place)
Sind (province)
Sind (river)
Singapore (inhabited place)
Singapore (island)
Singapore (nation)
Singleton (inhabited place)
Sliema (inhabited place)
Solomon Islands (island group)
Solomon Islands (nation)
Somalia (nation)
Somaliland (region (general))
Somerset (county)
Sources, Mont-aux- (mountain)
South Africa (nation)
South America (continent)
South Australia (state)
South Island (island)
South Korea (nation)
South West Africa see South West Africa
South Yarra (inhabited place)
South Yemen (region)
Southern (region)
Southern Alps (mountains)
Southern Darfur (province)
Southland (region)
Southsea (inhabited place)
Spain (nation)
Spanish Guinea see Spanish Guinea
Sri Lanka (nation)
Srinagar (inhabited place)
Staffordshire (county)
Stann Creek (district (national))
Stoke-on-Trent (unitary authority)
Strathalbyn (inhabited place)
Stredoceský (region)
Stretford (inhabited place)
Sud-Ouest, Province du (province)
Sudan (nation)
Sudeste (region)
Suffolk (county)
Sumatra (island)
Surrey (county)
Sussex (region (general))
Sutlej (river)
Suva (inhabited place)
Swaziland (nation)
Switzerland (nation)
Sydney (inhabited place)
Syria (nation)

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