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Taiping (inhabited place)
Talbot (inhabited place)
Tamil Nadu (state)
Tanganyika see Tanganyika
Tanzania (nation)
Tasmania (state)
Tenerife (island)
Tennessee (state)
Thailand (nation)
Thanet, Isle of (island)
Thanjavur (inhabited place)
Thebes (deserted settlement)
Tibet (autonomous region)
Ticino (canton)
Tiruchchirappalli (inhabited place)
Togo (nation)
Togoland see Togoland
Tonga (nation)
Toowoomba (inhabited place)
Toronto (inhabited place)
Toronto Metropolitan Area (metropolitan area)
Townsville (inhabited place)
Trafford (borough)
Transvaal (region (general))
Trelawny (parish (political))
Trinidad (island)
Trinidad and Tobago (nation)
Trusan (river)
Turkestan (region (general))
Turkey (nation)
Tyne and Wear (county)

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