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Wad Hamid (inhabited place)
Wadi Halfa (inhabited place)
Wairarapa (region)
Wales (country)
Wanganui (inhabited place)
Wanganui (region)
Warri (inhabited place)
Watford (inhabited place)
Weihai (inhabited place)
Wellington (inhabited place)
Wellington (region)
Wembley (neighborhood)
West Bank (occupied territory)
West Bengal (state)
West Indies (archipelago)
West Malaysia (division (national))
West Yorkshire (county)
Western (region)
Western Area (province)
Western Australia (state)
Western Cape, Province of the (province)
Western Province (province)
Westmoreland (parish (politica))
Weston-Super-Mare (inhabited place)
Wilcannia (inhabited place)
Windhoek (district (national))
Windsor (inhabited place)
Windsor and Maidenhead (unitary authority)
Windward Islands (island group)
Winnipeg (inhabited place)
Worcester (inhabited place)

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