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Kaulfuss, August E, b 1861, photographer
Kemp, W Lowther, fl 1927-1928, president of the British Association of Malaya
Kerr, Albert M, fl 1906-1940, photographer
Kerr, William, fl 1914-1920, Supervisor of Customs
Kerry, Charles H, 1858-1928, photographer
Killie, C A, fl 1895-1900, Presbyterian clergyman
Kimble, Charles F, fl 1950, photographer
King, Henry, 1873-1900, photographer
Kirkhorn, - , fl 1890-1899, photographer
Kirkman, Joseph, fl 1859-1879, photographer
Kisch, Braham, d 1887, photographer
Kleingrothe, C J, fl 1900-1909, photographer
Knudsen, K, fl 1890-1899, photographer
Kock, E, De, fl 1884-1885, photographer
Kok, O Y, fl 1927, photographer

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