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Byron-May Company

Active Dates: circa 1906 - circa 1917
Active Area: North and Central America (continent)
Alberta (province)
Canada (nation)
Edmonton (inhabited place)
Likenesses: For photographs of Percy Byron as a child and as an adult see Simmons (1999).
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The Byron-May Company was established by Percy Byron in Edmonton, Alberta, in 1906. Byron was the eldest son of Joseph Byron (1847-1923) founder of the Byron Company, New York. Percy Byron originally worked in New York as his father's partner. However, in 1906 he decided to relocate to Canada, where his sister, Florence, and her husband lived. While Byron set out to work as a homesteader and ranch, as soon as he arrived in Edmonton he telegraphed his father for photoengraving equipment. He started a photographic business and a year later asked his brother-in-law, Gustave May, to join him. May became an important figure in the Edmonton community and was elected alderman in 1912. By 1913 the company had 16 employees.

The Byron-May Company was closely linked with the Byron Company, New York. Percy Byron continued to be listed as treasure of the Byron Company in New York City directories. Also, the Byron Company was often listed with a Canadian branch, 'Byron-May Company', with Percy as the managing director and Gustave May as secretary and treasurer.

World War I caused business in Canada to decline and in 1917 Percy Byron returned to New York. He ran the Byron Company after his father's death in 1923 (Simmons 1999).
Sources: Simmons, Peter (1999), 'Gotham comes of age: New York through the lens of the Byron Company 1892 - 1942, The Byron Company of New York City [Internet]'. New York: Museum of the City of New York. Available from: [Accessed 29th January 2004].

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