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Christy, Cuthbert, 1863-1932, doctor

Gender: Male
Active Dates: 1863 - 1932
Active Area: West Indies (archipelago)
Africa (continent)
Nigeria (nation)
Europe (continent)
Asia (continent)
South America (continent)
Sri Lanka (nation)
India (nation)
Egypt (nation)
United Kingdom (nation)
Great Britain (island)
British Isles (island group)
England (country)
Tanzania (nation)
Uganda (nation)
Congo (nation)
Kenya (nation)
Sudan (nation)
Scotland (country)
Ghana (nation)
Cameroon (nation)
Mesopotamia (region (general))
Malawi (nation)
Portugal (nation)
Madeira (autonomous region)
Pakistan (nation)
Victoria, Lake (lake)
Liberia (nation)
Somalia (nation)
Nile River (river)
Kashmir (region (general))
Likenesses: None found.
Photographs: See list of photographs
Publications: Christy, C. (1911), 'The African rubber industry and Funtumia Elastica - Kickxia', London: J. Bale, Sons and Danielsson.
Christy, C. (1924), 'Big game and pygmies : experiences of a naturalist in Central African forests in quest of the okapi', London : Macmillan and Co.
Christy, C. (1900), 'Mosquitos and malaria: a summary of knowledge on the subject up to date, with an account of the natural history of some mosquitos', London: Sampson Law, Marston.
Christy, C. (1917), 'The Nile-Congo watershed', [London] : [William Clowes and Sons].
Christy, C. (1930) 'Notes on the Prevention of Malaria', [S.l.] : Ross Institute and Hospital for Tropical Diseases.
International Commission of Inquiry into the Existence of Slavery and Forced Labor in the
Republic of Liberia (1931), 'Report of the International commission of inquiry into the existence of slavery and forced labor in the republic of Liberia. Monrovia, Liberia, September 8, 1930', Washington : U.S. Govt. print. off. (C. Christy, chairman).
Dutton, Everett, Todd, John L. and Christy, Cuthbert (1904), 'Reports of the trypanosomiasis expedition to the Congo, 1903-1904 of the Liverpool School of
Tropical Medicine and Medical Parasitology', London : Published for the University Press of Liverpool by Williams and Norgate.
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Cuthbert Christy was born in 1863 and qualified in medicine in the University of Edinburgh. In the early 1890s he travelled to South America and the West Indies. From 1898-1900 he was senior medical officer to the Second Battalion West African Field Force in northern Nigeria, after which he served for a brief time in India. He was a member of the First Uganda Sleeping Sickness Commission in 1902 and a medical expedition to the Congo in 1903. He travelled in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), East Africa (now Kenya), Uganda, southern Nigeria, the Gold Coast and the Cameroons. After official posts in the Congo and the Sudan he served in the First World War in Africa and Mesopotamia. After the War he explored in the Sudan, Nyasaland (now Malawi) and Tanganyika (now Tanzania), and was a member of a League of Nations Commission enquiring into slavery and forced labour in Liberia. On 29 May 1932, when he was nearly 70, he died as a result of being gored by a buffalo while on a zoological investigation in the Congo.

The RCS Library contains two photograph collections compiled by Cuthbert Christy (Y3022V and Y304A). Unfortunately, it is not always clear which photographs Christy took himself and which he collected.
Sources: Typescript copy of 'Index to Photographers'.

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