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Adelaide Photographic Company

Active Dates: circa 1863 - circa 1900
Active Area: Oceania (continent)
Australia (nation)
New South Wales (state)
Sydney (inhabited place)
South Australia (state)
Adelaide (inhabited place)
Likenesses: None
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Publications: None found.
Related Entries: Duryea, Townsend, 1854-1925, photographer
According to Cato, the Adelaide Photographic Company was owned by Townsend Duryea Jr. (1955, p.174). However, if this is the same company referred to by Davies and Stanbury, it seems unlikely that he owned it from its origins (1985, p.121). According to Davies and Stanbury the company was active in Adelaide from 1863. From 1864-78 it was based at the Neales Building, King William Street. From 1864-67 it was managed by F.S. Crawford. From 1868-78 it was managed by H. Davis. In 1867 the company also seems to have been active at 25 Rundle Street, with Jackson as the proprietor. From 1895-1900 it was at 101 Rundle Street with Arthur Brown as the manager (1985, p. 121). Davies and Stanbury also give locations of the company in Sydney. From 1885-97 there was a photographic gallery at 256 Pitt Street with F. Russell as the proprietor. In 1892 the company is described as being at the corner of Pitt and Park Streets with F. Russell as the manager. From 1897-1900 it was at 256 Pitt Street with J.H. Bloome as the manager from 1897-98 and S.J. Hood as the manager 1898-1900 (1985, p. 121).
Sources: Cato, Jack (1955), 'The story of the camera in Australia'. Melbourne: Institute of Australian Photographers.
Davies, Alan and Stanbury, Peter (1985), 'The mechanical eye in Australia: photography 1841-1900'. Melbourne: Oxford University Press.

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