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A C Gomes and Sons

Active Dates: 1869 - 1917
Active Area: Africa (continent)
Asia (continent)
Tanzania (nation)
Uganda (nation)
Yemen (nation)
South Yemen (region)
'Adan (governorate)
'Adan (inhabited place)
Zanzibar (region)
Zanzibar Island (island)
Dar es Salaam Region (region)
Dar es Salaam (inhabited place)
Likenesses: None
Photographs: See list of photographs
Publications: Playne, Somerset (1908-9) 'East Africa (British): its history, people, commerce, industries, and resources'. [London]. [Contains photographs by A.C. Gomes and Sons].
Related Entries: Parting, J, fl 1851-1860, photographer
A.C. Gomes and Sons was founded by A.C. Gomes in Aden in 1869, where he was appointed Government Photographer for the Fortifications (Macmillan 1930, p.314). The company seems to have moved to Zanzibar circa 1870s. Playne listed the firm's address as 'in the Main Road (opposite the G.P.O.), Zanzibar' and wrote that 'for over forty years now their business has been carried on in those parts...' (1908-9, p.419). Gomes was briefly in partnership with J.B. Coutinho (partnership dissolved 31st July 1897). He photographed the lowering of an oil tank on 24th November 1900. Gomes's son, P.F. Gomes, took some of the first photographs of the Uganda Railway. The firm was appointed photographers to the Government Aerial Service during the First World War (Macmillan 1930, p.314).

A.C. Gomes died in 1917 (Macmillan 1930, p.314). The business was continued by P.F. Gomes who died in 1932. A branch of the company was opened in Dar-es-Salaam by P.F. Gomes and his son, E. Gomes, in 1929. In 1930 P.F. Gomes's other son, G. Gomes, was running the studio in Main Street, Zanzibar (Macmillan 1930, p.314).

The family were possibly originally from Goa. A photograph of A.C. Gomes and P.F. Gomes can be seen on p.419 of Playne's 'East Africa...' (1908-9).
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