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Caire, Nicholas John, 1837-1918, photographer

Gender: Male
Active Dates: circa 1860 - circa 1889
Active Area: Oceania (continent)
Australia (nation)
Victoria (state)
Melbourne (inhabited place)
South Australia (state)
Adelaide (inhabited place)
Talbot (inhabited place)
Bendigo (inhabited place)
South Yarra (inhabited place)
Likenesses: See between p.176 and p.177 of Cato's 'The story of the camera...' (1955).
Photographs: See list of photographs
Publications: Caire, Nicholas John (1875), 'Views of Bendigo'.
Caire, Nicholas John (c. 1877), 'Views of Victoria'.
Caire, Nicholas John (1877-79), 'Views of Victoria', General series.
Caire, Nicholas John (c. 1877), 'Views of Sydney Harbour and New South Wales'.
Caire, Nicholas John (c. 1883), 'Victorian scenery'.
Caire, Nicholas John (c. 1885), 'Buildings of Melbourne'.
Caire, Nicholas John (c. 1886), 'Gippsland scenery'.
Caire, Nicholas John (c.1888-1890), 'Gembrook scenery'.
Caire, Nicholas John (c. 1888), 'Victorian Alpine scenery'.
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Chuck, Thomas Foster, d 1898, photographer
Nicholas John Caire was born in Guernsey on February 28th 1837. His family, who were of Scottish descent, emigrated to Adelaide circa 1858. Caire pursued his interest as a photographer while working as a hairdresser (Turner 1996, p.392). He studied photography under Townsend Duryea and became a travelling photographer. Caire made a photographic tour of Gippsland in 1865 (Cato 1955, p.76-79). In 1865-68 he had a studio at 97 Hindley Street, Adelaide. In 1870 he married Louisa Master and moved his business to Scandinavian Crescent, Talbot, Victoria (Pike 1969, p.328; Davies and Stanbury 1985, p.140). From 1872-75 he was based at View Place, Sandhurst (now Bendigo), Victoria. In 1876 Caire purchased the Melbourne studio of Thomas F. Chuck. In 1880 he was active at 11 Royal Arcade, Bourke Street, Melbourne (Davies and Stanbury 1985, p.140). In the same year he was one of three official photographers to the Melbourne International Exhibition and he was later made photographer by special appointment to the government of Victoria (Turner 1996, p. 393). In 1885 Caire moved to 2 Darling Street, South Yarra. He occupied various studios in South Yarra until circa 1900 (Davies and Stanbury 1985, p.140). In 1888 he made a photographic expedition to Mt. Buffalo, organised by the Alpine Society (Turner 1996, p.392). Caire died in Armadale, Victoria on February 13th 1918 (Pike 1969, p.328-9).
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