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Gregson, Francis, fl 1898, war correspondent

Gender: Male
Active Dates: circa 1898 - circa 1898
Active Area: Africa (continent)
Egypt (nation)
Sudan (nation)
Upper Egypt (region)
Aswan (governorate)
Urban (region)
Al-Iskandariyah (governorate)
Alexandria (inhabited place)
Cairo (governorate)
Cairo (inhabited place)
Aswan (inhabited place)
Khartoum (region)
Khartoum (inhabited place)
Nile River (river)
Philae (deserted settlement)
Abu Sunbul (ruins)
Ash-Shamaliyah (region)
Atbara (inhabited place)
Nile (province)
Atbara (river)
Berber (inhabited place)
Northern (province)
Wadi Halfa (inhabited place)
Damer, Ed (inhabited place)
Shendi (inhabited place)
Wad Hamid (inhabited place)
Umm Durman (inhabited place)
Blue Nile (river)
Luxor (inhabited place)
Qina (governate)
Thebes (deserted settlement)
Likenesses: Gregson is possibly the war correspondent standing in Y3042C/198.
Photographs: See list of photographs
Publications: None found.
Related Entries: None found.
Francis Gregson was a war correspondent during the Sudan Campaign of 1898. He is possibly the photographer of a series of views of the Sudan Campaign 1898.
Sources: Typescript copy of 'Index to Photographers'.

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