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Gros, H Ferdinand, fl 1860-1909, photographer

Gender: Male
Active Dates: circa 1860 - circa 1909
Active Area: Africa (continent)
South Africa (nation)
Transvaal (region (general))
Gauteng (province)
Northern Cape, Province of (province)
Kimberley (inhabited place)
Mpumalanga (province)
Pilgrim's Rest (inhabited place)
Pretoria (inhabited place)
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Photographs: See list of photographs
Publications: Du-Val, C. and C. Deecker (1880-81) 'News of the Camp'. Pretoria.
Gros, H.F. (c. 1888), 'Picturesque aspects of the Transvaal'.
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H Ferdinand Gros was of Swiss origin. He arrived in South Africa circa 1869. On July 16th 1870 he was advertising that the Photographic Salon 'will resume again' in the 'Burgherdorp Gazette'. In the 'Diamond News' on the March 9th 1872 he announced that he was taking over the studio of Weber and Gros and that he would soon open a 'Superb Salon' at New Rush (Kimberley). The New Rush studio was advertised for sale in 'Diamond News' 13th April 1872. However, this sale appears not to have happened as in 'Diamond News' on October 8th and December 10th 1872 he was still advertising the New Rush studio. He visited the goldfields at Pilgrim's Rest and Mac Mac ('Diamond News' May 9th 1874 and February 13th 1875). He also visited Lydenburg goldfields. In 1877 he set up the 'Photographic Gallery' at the corner of Church Street and van der Walt Street, Pretoria. In 1877 he photographed the Transvaal Annexation Commission at Ulundi House, Pretoria. He also photographed scenes in Pretoria during the First Boer War, these were later bound in to the limited edition (200 copies) of 'News of the Camp' (1880-81). He photographed Chief Sekukuni in 1879. Circa 1888 he made a photographic tour of the Transvaal. He returned to Europe in 1895 and his Pretoria studio was taken over by J. Perrin (Cowan 1978, pp.99-101).
Sources: Bull, Marjorie and Joseph Denfield (1970) 'Secure the shadow: the story of Cape photography from its beginnings to the end of 1870 '. Cape Town: T. McNally.
Cowan, N. (1978), 'Photograficana of H.F. Gros', 'Africana notes and news'. Volume 23, number 3, pp.99-104.
'Transvaal almanac 1877'.

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