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Hawes, Albert George Sidney, d 1897, Agent and Consul General in the Sandwich Islands and Dependencies

Gender: Male
Active Dates: circa 1859 - 1897
Active Area: Africa (continent)
Malawi (nation)
Nyasa, Lake (lake)
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Publications: Hawes, A.G.S. and Satow, E.M. (1875), 'A handbook for travellers in central and northern Japan'. Yokohama : Japan Mail Office.
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Albert George Sidney Hawes served in the Royal Marines from December 1859 to February 1869. From January 1871 to January 1884 he was in the Japanese Service. During this time he was awarded 4th class Order of the Rising Sun and 3rd class Order of the Sacred Treasure. From January 1885 until the end of 1887 Hawes was Consul for the territories of the African Kings and Chiefs in the districts adjacent to Lake Nyasa. He was on special duties in Zanzibar from December 1888 to June 1889. Between the 4th and 29th of April 1889 he was acting Consul and Consul General. In October 1889 Hawes was appointed Consul for the Society Islands (residence at Tahiti). In July 1894 he was promoted to Commissioner and Consul General, Sandwich Islands and Dependencies. In June 1895 he was Agent and Consul General.

Hawes took a series of views of mission stations, African Lakes Company employees and African chiefs in the area surrounding Lake Nyasa in the mid-1880s. He also took photographs while accompanying Thomas Joseph Last (1847-1933) on a journey from Blantyre to Angoniland 1886.

Hawes died on August 6th 1897 at Hilo, on the east coast of the island of Hawaii.
Sources: Colonial Office Lists
Foreign Office Lists
Hawaiian Gazette, August 13th 1897, p.4.

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