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Hoppé, Emil Otto, 1878-1972, photographer and writer

Gender: Male
Active Dates: 1878 - 1972
Active Area: Europe (continent)
United Kingdom (nation)
Great Britain (island)
British Isles (island group)
England (country)
Likenesses: None found.
Photographs: See list of photographs
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Emil Otto Hoppé was born on April 14th 1878 in Munich, Germany. He was educated in Paris and Vienna, but moved to England in 1900 (Ford 1993). He worked for the Lombard Bank circa 1900-1907 (Browne and Partnow 1983, p.286). Hoppé taught himself photography and joined the Royal Photographic Society in 1903. In 1905 he married Marion Bliersbach. He began work as a professional photographer in 1907, opening a studio in London. Hoppé had various studios, but in 1913 he moved to 7 Cromwell Place. He was a founding member of the London Salon of Photography. Hoppé's portraits were in great demand. He also worked as a fashion photographer and travelled extensively (Ford 1993). Hoppé was a friend of fellow photographer Hebert Ponting (Savours 1974, p.34).
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