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Hughan, Allan, 1834-1883, photographer

Gender: Male
Active Dates: 1834 - 1883
Active Area: Oceania (continent)
Europe (continent)
France (nation)
New Caledonia (dependent state)
Nouvelle-Calédonie (island)
Nouméa (inhabited place)
Pins, Ile des (island)
Vao (inhabited place)
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Allan (? Ramsay Cunningham) Hughan was born in England. He was a passenger on board the 'Pilot' in the Pacific in 1869. He was Captain of the 'Pilot' in 1870. He traded in various commodities, mainly mother of pearl. He was shipwrecked at Yandee, New Caledonia, in March 1870 (a letter describing the events can be found in the 'Sydney Morning Herald', November 3rd 1870).

Hughan abandoned his maritime career after the shipwreck and set up business as a photographer in Noumea in 1871. He had apparently early photographed in Fiji. His studio was in Rue Sebastopol and he advertised 'vues de Noumee et des environs' in 'Moniteur', June 7th 1871. He was appointed Government Photographer after accompanying an expedition to inspect prison installations for communards in November 1872. In 1872 he went to the Ile des Pins with the Governor and in early 1874 went on a photographic expedition to the interior of New Caledonia. He photographed Queen Hortense and her entourage and the mission station at Vao in August and September 1876. Hughan stayed at the Mission St Louis outside Noumea in March 1878.

Hughan married Phoebe Hall (? in England). He died in Tamoa, Toutouta, New Caledonia in 1883. His wife died in Sydney in 1900 (O'Reilly 1978).
Sources: O'Reilly, Patrick (1978), 'La Nouvelle-Calédonie vue par le photographe Allan Hughan il y a cent ans'. Paris: Nouvelles Éditions Latines.

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