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Jackson, William Henry, 1843-1942, photographer

Gender: Male
Active Dates: 1843 - 1942
Active Area: North and Central America (continent)
United States (nation)
New York (state)
Bronx (county)
Kings (county)
New York (county)
Queens (county)
Richmond (county)
New York (inhabited place)
Vermont (state)
Rutland (county)
Burlington (inhabited place)
Chittenden (county)
Nebraska (state)
Douglas (county)
Omaha (inhabited place)
Yellowstone National Park (national park)
Colorado (state)
Denver (county)
Denver (inhabited place)
Likenesses: See Jackson's 'Time exposure...' (1970).
Photographs: See list of photographs
Publications: Jackson, W.H. (1970), 'Time exposure; the autobiography of William Henry Jackson'. New York: Cooper Square Publishers.
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William Henry Jackson was born April 4th 1843 in Keeseville, New York, United States. When he was fifteen he was employed as a colorist in photographer's studio (Jackson 1970, p.25). He moved to Rutland, Vermont, circa 1860, to work as an artist in the studio of Frank Mowrey (Jackson 1970, p.34). In 1862, with the American Civil War underway, Jackson joined the Rutland Light Guard, which became Company K of the Twelfth Vermont Volunteers (Jackson 1970, pp.42-44). He returned to Rutland and his job with Mowrey in 1863 (pp.69-70). In 1864 he began working for Mr. Styles in Burlington, Vermont (Jackson 1970, p73). In 1866, following a broken engagement, he went to New York and then west (Jackson 1970, p.83, 103). In 1867, after a variety of jobs, Jackson worked for a photographer in Omaha, Nebraska. In 1867 he bought out the business and began working with his brothers (Jackson 1970, p.171-172). Later that year he spent several months photographing the construction of the Union Pacific Railway (Jackson 1970, p.175). In 1870 Jackson accompanied a geological expedition led by Dr. Ferdinand Hayden to Wyoming (Jackson 1970, p.189). He officially joined the United States Geological Survey in 1871. Jackson accompanied numerous surveys of the west and southwest, in particular photographing the Yellowstone country (Jackson 1970, p.194). He returned to commercial photography in 1879, establishing a studio in Denver, Colorado (Jackson 1970, p.252 and 255). In 1881 he formed a partnership with Albert E. Rinehart. When this partnership disbanded, he entered agreements with Chain and Hardy and Walter F. Crosby to form 'W.H. Jackson Photograph and Publishing Co' (Jackson 1970, p.258). In 1894 he went on a world tour (Jackson 1970, p.266). In 1897 his company was taken over by the Photochrom Company and Jackson was given a post as director (Jackson 1970, p.323). Jackson died in 1943.
Sources: Jackson, W.H. (1970), 'Time exposure; the autobiography of William Henry Jackson'. New York: Cooper Square Publishers.

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