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London Stereoscopic Company

Active Dates: circa 1854 - circa 1908
Active Area: Europe (continent)
United Kingdom (nation)
Great Britain (island)
British Isles (island group)
England (country)
Greater London (metropolitan area)
London (inhabited place)
Likenesses: None
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Related Entries: York, Frederick Arlington Viner, 1823-1903, photographer
The London Stereoscopic Company was founded in 1854 by George S. Nottage. As well as producing photographs, the company acted as a retailer for photographic equipment. The firm was successful in all branches of photography. From 1860 to 1862 the company was based at 54 Cheapside, London. From 1860 to 1861 it also had premise at 313 Oxford Street. In 1863 the company occupied 54 Cheapside and 110 Regent Street. From 1864 onwards it occupied a variety of locations on Cheapside, Regent Street and Bow Churchyard. The company was known by several slightly different names. In 1863 it is referred to as the London Stereoscopic and Photographic Co. and C. de V. Institute. From 1864 it was known as the London Stereoscopic and Photographic Co. Ltd. The company was still in business in 1908 (Pritchard 1994, p.82).
Sources: Pritchard, Michael (1994), 'A directory of London photographers 1841-1908'. Watford: PhotoResearch.

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