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Maynard Family

Active Dates: 1832 - 1912
Active Area: North and Central America (continent)
Canada (nation)
Ontario (province)
Victoria (inhabited place)
Bowmanville (inhabited place)
British Columbia (province)
Vancouver Island (island)
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Richard Maynard was born in Stratton, Cornwall, England, in 1832. His wife Hannah Hatherly Maynard was born in Bude, also in Cornwall, in 1834. They married in 1852 and emigrated to Bowmanville, Ontario the same year (British Columbia Archives 2000; Greenhill and Birrell 1979, pp.90). Richard Maynard worked initially as a shoemaker, but he gave this up from 1858 to 1859 to prospect in the goldfields along the Fraser River (Greenhill and Birrell 1979, pp.90-91; British Columbia Archives 2000). In 1862 he went to the Stikine Territory and tried gold mining again. Allegedly this time he made a fortune (British Columbia Archives 2000).

While Richard was prospecting, Hannah learnt photography. The couple moved to Victoria in 1862 and Hannah operated a photographic business while Richard continued to work as a shoemaker. Richard learnt photography from his wife and undertook most of the landscape work. He photographed views on the route of the Cariboo Road and of the Canadian Pacific Railway construction circa 1874-81(Greenhill and Birrell 1979, pp.90). Hannah concentrated on portraits, but also experimented with techniques such as photosculpture, multiple exposures and composite images (British Columbia Archives 2000). The couple were the first official photographers to the Victoria police in 1897. Richard died in 1907 but Hannah continued the business until 1912 after which it was continued by the couple's children Lillian and Albert. Hannah died in 1918 (Greenhill and Birrell 1979, pp.91).

The RCS Collection contains two photograph albums of views along the Canadian Pacific Railway taken by Richard Maynard.
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