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Anderson, Tempest, 1846-1913

Gender: Male
Active Dates: 1846 - 1913
Active Area: North and Central America (continent)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (nation)
Saint Vincent (island)
Windward Islands (island group)
Lesser Antilles (island group)
West Indies (archipelago)
Oceania (continent)
United States (nation)
Hawaii (state)
Hawaiian Islands (island group)
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Photographs: See list of photographs
Publications: Numerous papers on opthalmological subjects.
Anderson, Tempest and Flett, John S (1902), 'Preliminary report on the recent eruption of the Soufrière in St. Vincent, and of a visit to Mont Pelée, in Martinique', London : Harrison [for the Society].
Anderson, Tempest (1903), 'Recent volcanic eruptions in the West Indies', London : William Clowes.
Anderson, Tempest and Flett, John S (1903), 'Report on the eruptions of the Soufrière in St. Vincent, in 1902, and on a visit to Montagne Pelée in Martinique', 'Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London', Series A, Mathematical and physical sciences, v. 200, p. 353-553 and v. 208, p. 275-332.
Anderson, Tempest (1903), 'Volcanic studies in many lands: being reproductions of photographs by the author of above one hundred actual objects, with explanatory notices', London : John Murray.
Anderson, Tempest (1907), 'The eruption of Vesuvius', Mexico City : Imprenta y fototipia de la Secretaria de Fomento.
Anderson, Tempest (1908), 'The volcanoes of Guatemala', London : Royal Geographical Society; Edward Stanford.
Anderson, Tempest (1910), 'The volcano of Matavanu in Savaii', [London : Geological Society].
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Tempest Anderson was born in York, son of Dr William C Anderson. He was educated at St Peter's York and University College London. He was a Consulting Ophthalmic Surgeon at York County Hospital. Anderson was a expert on volcanoes and reported back on the eruptions in the West Indies in 1902 and 1907. He was a keen amateur photographer of volcanoes and mountains ('Who was who' 1988, p.11).
Sources: 'Who was who' (1988). Sixth edition, volume 1 -1897-1915. London: A. and C. Black Ltd.

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