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S H Parsons and Sons

Active Dates: circa 1871 - circa 1933
Active Area: North and Central America (continent)
Canada (nation)
Newfoundland (province)
Newfoundland (island)
Saint John's (inhabited place)
Harbour Grace (inhabited place)
Likenesses: None
Photographs: See list of photographs
Publications: Parsons published a number of works.
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S.H. Parsons and Sons was a commercial photographic company based in Saint John's, Newfoundland.

Simeon H. Parsons was born in 1844 in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland. He was the son of John Charles Parsons, a fisherman. Parsons originally worked as a cabinet maker and upholsterer in Harbour Grace. In 1866 he married Isabella Robbins and eventually had seven children. In 1871 he converted the top floor of his business into a studio and began working as a photographer. He moved to St John's in November 1872, entering a partnership with Sherburn T. McKenney. By 1875 Parsons had opened his own business at 310 Water Street. In 1876 he went on a study tour of America, learning more about the art of photography. He exhibited his photographs in Europe and, in the 1888 international exhibition in Barcelona, won a silver medal and a diploma of merit. Parsons died of stomach cancer in March 1908. His business was continued by his sons until 1933 (Cook 1994, p.815).
Sources: Cook, Ramsay ed. (1994), 'Dictionary of Canadian Biography'. Volume XIII - '1901-1910'. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

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