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Savage, Charles Roscoe, 1832-1909, photographer

Gender: Male
Active Dates: 1832 - 1909
Active Area: North and Central America (continent)
United States (nation)
New York (state)
Bronx (county)
Kings (county)
New York (county)
Queens (county)
Richmond (county)
New York (inhabited place)
Utah (state)
Salt Lake (county)
Salt Lake City (inhabited place)
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Publications: Savage published a number of works. These include:
Darlow, A. and Savage, C.R. (1902), 'Across the continent: a scenic guide book illustrating a trip from Missouri River to the North Pacific coast, via the Columbia River'. Denver, Colo.: H.H. Tammen Curio Co.
Donaghé, M. Virginia and Savage, C.R. (1888), 'Picturesque Utah'. Denver, Col. : F.S. Thayer. [Albertype illustrations from original photographs by Savage].
Geological Survey of the Territories (1869-1875), 'Geological Survey of the Territories'. [Washington : Govt. Print. Off.]. [Contains photographs of the survey, including images by Savage].
Savage, C.R. (1868), 'Salt Lake City: in photo-gravure from recent negatives'. New York, Albertype Co.
Savage, C.R. (1872), 'Salt Lake City, and the way thither'. London: T. Nelson; Salt Lake City: Savage and Ottinger. [On cover: 'Great Salt Lake City and views in Utah'].
Savage, C.R. (1870s), 'Salt Lake City, with a sketch of the route of the Union and Central Pacific Railroads, from Omaha to Salt Lake City, and from Ogden to San Francisco'. New York, T. Nelson and Sons.
Savage, C.R. (1887), 'Views of Utah and tourists' guide: containing a description of the views and general information for the traveler, resident, and public generally, from authentic sources'. Salt Lake City: [s.n.].
Savage, C.R. (1890-1899), 'Gems of Utah scenery'. Salt Lake City: [s.n.].
Savage, C.R. (1893), 'The reflex of Salt Lake City and vicinity: including letter-press description and illustrations of public edifices, hotels, business blocks, churches, Indians, bathing resorts, etc., and a variety of information, valuable for the tourist or resident, from reliable sources'. Salt Lake City, Utah : C.R. Savage.
Savage, C.R. (1900), 'In and around Salt Lake City'. Denver: Frank S. Thayer.
Savage, C.R. and Thayer, Frank S. (1900s), 'Zion, her gates and temple: colored reproductions in water color effects from original photographs by Chas. R. Savage'. Denver, Colo.: F.S. Thayer.
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Charles Roscoe Savage was born in Southampton on August 16th 1832. At the age of fourteen he became a Mormon. He emigrated to the USA in 1858, initially working for Elder Stenhouse, a photographer, in New York City. He left for Nebraska in 1859. He opened a studio in Council Bluffs, Iowa, in 1860. He moved to Salt Lake City and formed a partnership with Marsena Cannon, opening the 'Pioneer Art Gallery'. When Cannon left the partnership circa 1861, Savage went into business with George Ottinger. In 1869 Savage photographed the joining of the Union Pacific Railroad and the Central Pacific Railroad at Promentory Point. In 1870 he accompanied Brigham Young on a photographic trip through the Zion Canyon area. Savage's partnership with Ottinger broke up in 1870. In 1879 Savage toured England. He retired in 1906. The business was continued by his sons. Savage died in 1909 (Johnson 1990, pp.552-553)
Sources: Johnson, William S. (1990), 'Nineteenth-century photographers: an annotated bibliography 1839-1879'. Boston, Massachusetts: G.K. Hall.

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