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Sweet, Samuel White, 1825-1886, photographer

Gender: Male
Active Dates: 1825 - 1886
Active Area: Oceania (continent)
Australia (nation)
South Australia (state)
Adelaide (inhabited place)
Northern Territory (territory)
Darwin (inhabited place)
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Samuel White Sweet was born in Portsea, Hampshire. He probably joined the Navy in 1844 and served on the China Station for five years, making several voyages to India. While he was commander of the 'Pizarro' (1858-62) Sweet kept a meteorological log for the Board of Trade. In 1861 he surveyed the Pena Blanca, South America. Sweet spent six years working as master for N.J. Myers of Liverpool, his last ship being the 'Sarah Neumann'. From circa 1863-65 Sweet spent two years in Queensland growing cotton. Sweet was working as a photographer in Rundle Street, Adelaide, Australia, in 1867 (-69 ?). In January 1869 he took command of the schooner 'Gulnare'. Sweet photographed the official party at the planting of the first pole of the overland telegraph, Darwin, September 1870. Sweet also photographed Darwin township. In October 1871 Sweet ran the 'Gulnare' aground on a reef near the Vernon Islands. He piloted the 'Bengal' on survey work in the Roper in January 1872. The next three years were spent as master mariner with Black Diamond Line. He ran the 'Wallaroo' aground in a gale on Office Beach, Wallaroo, and was censured at the enquiry. Sweet then retired from the sea and devoted the remainder of his career to photography. He opened a photographic studio in Adelaide and concentrated on landscape and life and homesteads in the outback. He was one of the first photographers in Australia to adopt the dry-plate process in the early 1880s (Nairn 1976, p.231).
Sources: Nairn, B. (1976), 'Australian dictionary of biography'. Volume 6: 1851-1890 R-Z. Melbourne: Melbourne University Press.

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