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Bassano, Alexander, 1829-1913, photographer

Gender: Male
Active Dates: circa 1829 - circa 1913
Active Area: Europe (continent)
United Kingdom (nation)
Great Britain (island)
British Isles (island group)
England (country)
Greater London (metropolitan area)
London (inhabited place)
Likenesses: For a portrait of Alexander Bassano see the National Portrait Gallery's 'Alexander Bassano...' (2004). The reference for this image is: NPG x88924.
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Vandyk, Carl, fl 1882-1908, photographer
Alexander Bassano was a commercial photographer based in London. His studio was originally founded in Regent Street in 1850. According to Pritchard, the studio then moved to Piccadilly 1859-1863, to Pall Mall and then to 25 Old Bond Street in 1877 (1994, p.34). Pritchard also states that Bassano had studios at: 122 Regent Street 1862-76; 72 Piccadilly 1870-81; 25 Old Bond Street 1878-1903; 182 Oxford Street 1889; 42 Pall Mall 1891-92; 18 Alpha Road 1892-96. There was also a company named 'Bassano and Davis' at 122 Regent Street in 1866, a firm named Bassano Limited at 25 Old Bond Street from 1906 and a Bassano's Studio's Ltd at 25 Old Bond Street 1904-05 (Pritchard 1994, pp.34-35). The National Portrait Gallery states that the Bassano's firm was based at 25 Old Bond Street 1876-1921 (2004).

Bassano was a popular society photographer. He was responsible for the image of Lord Kitchener's head on the First World War recruiting poster 'Your Country Needs You' (National Portrait Gallery 2004).

Bassano retired circa 1903. The studio was refurbished and relaunched as Bassano Ltd, Royal Photographers (National Portrait Gallery 2004). In 1964 the company became Bassano and Vandyck Studio. In 1965 it incorporated Elliott and Fry. In 1977 it became Industrial Photographic (Pritchard 1994, p.34).
Sources: Pritchard, Michael (1994), 'A directory of London photographers 1841-1908'. Watford: PhotoResearch.
National Portrait Gallery (2004), 'Alexander Bassano (1829-1913)' [Internet]. London: National Portrait Gallery. Available from: [Accessed 15 January 2004].

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