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Bruton, James Edward, 1838-1918, photographer

Gender: Male
Active Dates: 1838 - 1918
Active Area: Africa (continent)
South Africa (nation)
Western Cape, Province of the (province)
Cape Town (inhabited place)
Eastern Cape, Province of (province)
Port Elizabeth (inhabited place)
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Publications: Several of Bruton's photographs were printed in: 'Cape Monthly Magazine', 'Eastern Province Magazine and Port Elizabeth Miscellany', 'Cape Farmers' Magazine' and 'Illustrated London News [May 26th 1866]'.
His images were also included in the jubilee publication 'On the landing of the British settlers of 1820 in Algoa Bay'.
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James Edward Bruton (also known as Brunton) was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. His parents had settled in South Africa in 1820. He first opened a photographic studio in 1858, opposite the Lyceum in Port Elizabeth. In 1859 he moved to Jetty Street, Port Elizabeth, working as a photographer and tobacconist. Bruton married Mary Ann Woodman and eventually had five children. In 1874 he moved to Cape Town (Bull and Denfield 1970, pp.189-90). Between 1876 and 1897 he appears to have been located at 74 Adderley Street, Cape Town (Bensusan 1963, p.227). Bruton moved to Douglas, Isle of Man in the 1890s (Bull and Denfield 1970, pp.190).
Sources: Bensusan, A.D. (1963), '19th century photographers in South Africa'. 'Africana notes and news'. Volume 15, number 6, pp.219-252.
Bull, Marjorie and Joseph Denfield (1970) 'Secure the shadow : the story of Cape photography from its beginnings to the end of 1870 '. Cape Town: T. McNally.

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