About DSpace@Cambridge

DSpace@Cambridge is the University of Cambridge’s institutional repository, established in 2002 as a service for storing and providing access to the outputs of Cambridge’s research activity. It is run by the University Library.

The repository stores a range of content and provides different levels of access, but its primary focus is on providing open access to the University’s research publications.

DSpace@Cambridge forms an important part of the University’s provision for meeting research funder requirements for open access, enabling ‘Green’ access to publications. For further information about open access or to register your publication for ‘Green’ or ‘Gold’ access, please use the University’s Open Access service.

Over the past ten years DSpace@Cambridge has participated in a number of externally funded projects intended to better understand researcher requirements or improve the services it offers. These include: Incremental, DataTrain and PrePARe, which developed resources to support research data management and EPIC and Keeping Research Data Safe (KRDS), which focused on the repository’s preservation services.

Key members of the support team are:

David Piper - DSpace@Cambridge Support and Liaison Officer

Philip Boyes - Open Access Publications Officer

Lauren Cadwallader - Open Access Publications Officer

Lesley Gray - Head of Services Team

Grant Young - Head of Digital Content Programme

If you have any queries, they will be able to provide guidance and advice. In the first instance, you should contact support@repository.cam.ac.uk.