Deposit Guide

The Deposit Guide is designed to answer some of the questions you might have relating to your using DSpace@Cambridge including why you should use it at all. We are trying to make the process of depositing material in the repository as easy as possible. Whilst the technical side can be described in words relatively easily we find that the copyright aspects are somewhat more complex to explain. If you find yourself faced with copyright questions, please consider getting in touch directly. We are happy to assist on a one-to-one basis with your queries.


"The Scott Polar Research Institute really appreciates the help it receives from the staff of the DSpace repository. As digital material of all types, including images, becomes increasingly important for research, we rely on DSpace@Cambridge to provide facilities and support to make our digital holdings accessible to the widest possible audience."

(Heather Lane, Librarian and Acting Keeper of the Scott Polar Research Institute)

DSpace@Cambridge is an excellent facility that meets the University's growing need for an electronic archive to preserve and make accessible material of permanent importance that would otherwise disappear. It is a facility that all University bodies and staff should be encouraged to use as a matter of course.

I have found DSpace@Cambridge an invaluable and easily accessed location for a wide range of philosophical items, from interviews and radio broadcasts to rare MSS and special - e.g. Inaugural - lectures: in short, for anything that may remain of professional interest after I, and hence my own website, have expired.'

( Hugh Mellor, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, University of Cambridge)