How to deposit

There are currently two ways to submit your research output into the repository: self deposit, and mediated deposit which is done on your behalf by the DSpace@Cambridge team.

Regardless of the route chosen, we ask you to check that:


Please contact  with the details of which collection(s) you wish to submit your material to. Once the team has allowed you access rights to deposit in that collection, they will send you an email letting you know that you can deposit your material.

If you would like a new community and/or collection to be created please email us the

  • Name of the organisational entity such as Department or Institution.
  • A description of which types of content the community/collection will contain (eg research publications, working papers, images).

Mediated deposit

A mediated deposit service is available. For mediated deposit of RCUK- or Wellcome-funded research articles, please use the form on the University’s Open Access site to register your article details.

If you have other content you would like the team to add on your behalf, please  with details of the items in question.

Theses deposit

The repository currently accepts theses awarded by the University of Cambridge for the following degrees:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
  • Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)
  • Master of Surgery (M.Chir.)
  • Master of Science (M.Sc.)
  • Master of Letters (M.Litt.)

If you have completed one of the above research degrees at Cambridge you are invited to submit a copy of your final thesis to the institutional repository. Both of the above submission routes apply. Before you start your deposit we ask you to:

  • Check whether or not your thesis contains any third party copyright material. If you need help, please contact the DSpace@Cambridge team for further support. Information on Intellectual Property and Rights
  • Review whether or not access to your thesis needs to be temporarily restricted (embargoed), for example, if you are intending to publish all or part of your thesis or are planning to apply for a patent. Theses can be embargoed for up to 2 years.
  • Ensure you have the version corresponding to the final paper version submitted to the Board of Graduate Studies, including any corrections requested by the examiners.
  • Make sure that the file(s) is available in a suitable electronic format.

If you still have a valid Raven ID, you should be able to deposit your thesis yourself. Go to DSpace@Cambridge and click the 'Login' link in 'My Account' section of the right hand column. Otherwise, you will need to contact the DSpace@Cambridge team who will mediate the deposit on your behalf; in this case you will need to complete, sign and return the deposit agreement either by post or by scanning it and sending it by email to

The thesis will be released for access in DSpace@Cambridge when confirmation of examination is received by the University Library from the Board of Graduate Studies. This can involve a delay of a few months but will generally be much quicker. Please ensure we have a current email address for you so we can notify you when your thesis is available.

Your thesis will also be searchable on the the national EThOS service alongside theses from Universities across the UK.