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This page highlights some of the digital humanities projects Cambridge University Library has led or engaged with.

Current Projects

  • Darwin Correspondence Project (onging, various funders). Complete, searchable, texts and images of Charles Darwin’s letters, are being put online by the team responsible for the award-winning scholarly edition, The correspondence of Charles Darwin (Cambridge University Press, 1985-). They also provide discovery tools and educational resources. Plans to connect the letters with other 19th century science resources are also underway.
  • Domestic Devotions (2013–18, European Research Council). Project based in the Faculties of English, MML and History of Art looking at domestic piety in Renaissance Italy. The University Library is providing archiving of content gathered by the project in the course of its research.
  • Arthur Schniztler Digital Edition: German Project  (2012–29, German research funder). A large, long-term edition of works by Arthur Schnitzler. Cambridge will host the online edition.
  • Arthur Schnitzler Digital Edition: UK Project (2014–19, AHRC). UK project accompanying the German project (above) and using the same infrastructure. Led by the University of Cambridge in collaboration with UCL and Bristol University.
  • Fleuron (2016). A searchable database of 15 million eighteenth-century printers’ ornaments and other decorative book parts, developed with the support of The Bibliographical Society and the University of Cambridge.
  • Changi Internment Camp Archive Project (2015–17, Wellcome). Will produce a digital archive for the Digital Library. Changi was a WWII prisoner of war camp based in Singapore.
  • Bateson Archive Project (2016–18, Wellcome). A project to produce a digital archive for the Digital Library of the papers of the Cambridge geneticist William Bateson.
  • Mellon IIIF Project (2016–17). A development-focused project which will enable us to deliver images and metadata to other DH projects using the IIIF framework.
  • Charles Darwin’s Library and Charles Darwin’s Evolutionary Papers (2016–18, NEH). A follow-on to the Darwin’s Evolutionary Manuscripts Project (below) which will extend the manuscripts and incorporate content from the Darwin’s Library Project (also below). In planning.

Completed Projects

  • Parker on the Web (2003–9, Mellon Foundation). Collaboration with Stanford University Libraries and Corpus Christi College. The Library managed the digitisation for this project, with the content hosted by Stanford.
  • Online Catalogue of Islamic Manuscripts at Cambridge and Oxford - OCIMCO (2009–11, JISC). Collaboration with Bodleian to convert printed catalogues to an online TEI-based catalogue. This has developed into Fihrist, a UK union catalogue for Islamic Manuscripts.
  • Darwin’s Library (2009–11, Jisc). Collaboration with the American Museum of Natural History, UK Natural History Museum, and Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) to produce an online edition of Darwin’s annotated library. Hosted by the BHL.
  • Electronic Music of Roberto Gerhard (2011–12, AHRC, ). Collaboration with the University of Huddersfield to digitise and catalogue the electronic music of composer Gerhard. The Library holds a copy of the data but for copyright reasons can only make this accessible within the Library.
  • Friedberg Genizah Project (2009–12, Friedberg Foundation, ). The Library undertook digitisation of the entire Genizah Collection for delivery through the Friedberg web portal and, as catalogue records are produced for it, via the Cambridge Digital Library.
  • Foundations Digital Library Project (2010–14, Polonsky Foundation). This large project developed the Cambridge Digital Library platform and created its initial content (directly or through jointly-funding other projects).
  • Windows on Genius: Newton’s Mathematics (2011, Jisc). This was a project to combine digital facsimiles with the transcriptions of the Newton Project to form the first collection within the Digital Library.
  • Discovering History in the Cairo Genizah Project (2012–16, Mellon Foundation). Innovative major project to undertake text mining of the secondary literature around the Genizah collection and used it to auto-tag content and provide recommendations. It also developed an annotation tool to enable users to add or demote tags. Based within the Digital Library.
  • Virtual Exhibitions (2013, Milstein Foundation). This was a project to develop a common platform to replace bespoke websites for exhibitions and provided a rich online experience.
  • Knowledge Exchange on Mobile Apps (2013, AHRC). Collaborated in a small project coordinated by the DH Network to look at the use of cultural content (museums and libraries) on mobile devices. Library provided input on design and licensing.
  • Board of Longitude Project (2009–14, Jisc). Created a large digital archive of important 18th-century scientific collection within the Digital Library, with some additional content from the National Maritime Museum and transcription and scholarly essays. This project was deliberately aligned with a large AHRC research project based in the History and Philosophy of Science Department, with members of that project producing content to help with the interpretation and navigation of the archive..
  • Equatorie Planetis (2014, Peterhouse). Rich presentation within the Digital Library, including scholarly discussion, transcription and a 3D virtual reconstruction of the scientific instrument described by the manuscript.
  • Sanskrit Catalogue Project (2011–15, AHRC). Created a scholarly catalogue of the Library’s important Sanskrit catalogue hosted within the Digital Library. Contains simple records for all Sanskrit manuscripts with more detailed records and digital facsimilies for 25–30%.
  • Wrongdoing in Spain Project (2011–14, AHRC) – an online archive of Spanish chapbooks (mostly 19th century) from the University Library and the British Library, hosted within the Digital Library. Created full digital facsimiles and detailed MARC records, including the results of research into printers (important for understanding the development of this literature).
  • Darwin’s Evolutionary Manuscripts Project (2013–16, NEH). Collaboration with Darwin Manuscripts Project at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH). Combines facsimiles with transcription for delivery through the Digital Library and via the AMNH site.
  • Mingana-Lewis Palimpsest Project (2012–16, AHRC and TIMA). An edition within the Digital Library of an important Qur’anic palimpsest. The online presentation includes images interpretting the underwriting, transcriptions and a scholarly essay describing the process and findings.