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The University Library operates an ezproxy server to enable off campus access to ejournals and other subscribed online resources. Using the bookmarklet below, you can reload any page through our proxy server.



For Firefox users:

  • Left click on the above rectangle, hold down the mouse button and drag the link to your browser's bookmark bar
  • When on a journal page that should provide full text access under a Cambridge subscription, click on the 'Reload URL for off campus access' text in your browsers' bookmark bar to reload the page via our proxy server. You may be prompted to login with a Raven username and password
  • For more information on configuring reference management software to work with our proxy server, see the reference management software page
  • For more assistance with off campus access - please see the eresources help pages

For Internet Explorer users:

  • Right click on the link above that states 'reload for off campus access' and select 'add to favourites'
  • The bookmarklet will then be added to your favourites. Clicking on it in the favourites menu should activate it and reload the page you are viewing
  • You may additionally wish to add it to the favourites toolbar: Go to View -> Toolbars and make sure that Favorites Bar is checked
  • In your favourite menu, drag the favourite for 'reload for off campus access' into the 'favourites bar' directory. It should then appear