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Many software tools are available to help students and researchers collate and manage citations and references. Here are a few recommendations from library staff. If after reading this documentation, you require further assistance in enabling reference management software to work with library resources, please contact the eresources helpdesk.


Mendeley research management tool

Mendeley is a brand new research management tool for desktop & web, aiming to transform the way researchers manage reference papers. Billed as an 'itunes for research papers', Mendeley allows you to create and store your own personal library, or import an existing set of references and material.

  • PDF's can be viewed and annotated in the desktop interface,
  • Bibliographies can automatically generated in word documents
  • Users also get access to an online version of their bibliographies
  • Citations can be quickly imported from the library's major ejournal suppliers, including Science Direct, Wiley Interscience and EBSCO.

Configuring for use with Cambridges' ejournal holdings:

  • When viewing a Menderley web page describing a journal article, click on the dropdown 'find this paper at:'
  • Click on 'edit library access links', a configuration box should display
  • Choosing libraries from a list should display 'Cambridge University Library'
  • Alternatively, add manually and enter as the base URL

Get Mendeley

Mendeley is free to use, and available for WindowsMac OS X and Linux. The terms and conditions of the service can be viewed before creating an account, although one is not necessary to use the software.



Zotero is a fully featured citation collection and management suite for the Firefox web browser that interfaces with Endnote and Refworks via its export feature. It can be used to automatically take lists of results from the Newton catalogue display or from numerous online bibliographic resources.

  • Plugins allow you to import and quote saved citations in Word and Open Office
  • Citations can be exported in Bibtex, XML or the Endnote / Refworks friendly RIS format
  • An online user community allows you to discover and share citations with other users in your field
  • Visit the Zotero website for downloads, video tutorials and more details
  • The University Computing Service also provide a workbook [pdf format] on installing and maintaining Zotero

Zotero can be configured to work with our eresources@cambridge OpenURL Link resolver to check if full text is available for a resource:

  • Click on the 'Z' icon in the bottom toolbar in frefox
  • Click on the 'cog' icon for preferences and select the 'advanced' tab
  • In the text box marked 'resolver' at the bottom enter:
  • Keep version set to 1.0
  • Clicking on the Locate button in the upper right-hand corner of the Info tab will attempt to locate text for a citation

Zotero can also be configured to work with our proxy server to access full text resources:

Get Zotero

Zotero search plugin