Cambridge University Library

Welcome to the University Library

The main University Library (known as the UL) offers you the chance to explore a world of knowledge. Home to over 8 million books, journals and other items, the Library provides a unique space to study or meet up with friends.

A programme of introductory tours runs throughout Michaelmas Term, but you’re also very welcome just to come along and explore. Please bring your University ID Card with you - it’s all you need to start using the Library.

Organisationally, the University Library comprises of the main University Library (that's the one with the impressive tower) and a number of affiliated libraries, which serve different faculties and departments. Information can be found here.

Confused? Don’t panic! Most of the hints and tips on this section of the website apply to the main UL on West Road. But if you’d like more information about any of the affiliated libraries, just click on the link above.

Although the biggest, the main UL is just one of over a hundred libraries in Cambridge University! You can find details of every library (and much more) on the Libraries Gateway, or watch the video to find out more ...