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A journey around the world mind

"Walking around its mile on mile of corridors," wrote a smitten Sunday Telegraph journalist of Cambridge University Library, "you know you are walking around the world mind".

Collections 1818 Miss Smith, Studies of Flowers from Nature - Aquatint plate of the Winged Passion-Flower

Aquatint plate of the winged passion-flower, from Miss Smith, Studies of flowers from nature, 1818

Built up over eight centuries, the Library’s collections are breathtaking – from Chinese oracle bones of the 2nd millennium BC to scientific e-journals of the 3rd millennium AD. Its 100 miles of shelving house over 8 million printed volumes, a million maps, many thousands of manuscripts and 400,000 musical items. It provides access to thousands of electronic resources. The Library's Special Collections include:

Philanthropic support is essential for the acquisition, organisation, storage and cataloguing of new materials – in short, to ensure that the collections retain their vitality and relevance. To find out more, and to arrange a visit and a viewing, please contact us.